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BRYTON Rider 15E - GNSS Cycling Computer

BRYTON Rider 15E - GNSS Cycling Computer



The Game Changer 
Rider 15 comes with built in GNSS receiver for improved accuracy plus all new Heading feature along with 16 battery hours, smart notifications and supports up to 30 functions. 

Best of Both Worlds 
Power On and Go with button behavior consistent with traditional bike computers and the ease and convenience of tracking workouts and sharing via Bryton Active App, like that of other training apps. Rider 15 is The Best of Both Worlds. 

Absolute Precision - Full GNSS Support 
Bryton's first GPS cycling computer with GNSS full support incorporates GPS, Glonass (Russia), BDS (China), Galileo (Europe) and QZSS (Japan) satellite systems, providing a much more reliable satellite coverage in any situation especially when there are buildings/trees or even while mountain biking, along with faster start-up. 

Heading to Your Goal 
2 Heading modes available, the Compass Mode for pointing to the North and the Map Mode for pointing to current direction. 

Enhanced 2“ High-Contrast Display 
With all new display design, Rider 15 displays up to 4 cycling data per page (3 customizable data + Heading) with 5 pages total, allowing cyclists to have their current workout status well in hand. 

Power On and Go 
No need to adjust wheel size or bother with installation and pairing with speed sensors. Just mount the device on the handle bar, turn it on and you are good to go. 

16 Hours of Battery Life 
Rider 15 provides a long battery life, enough for workouts with up to 16 hours. It also supports mobile power bank, allowing you to charge while recording. 

Supports Up to 30 Functions 
Rider 15 supports fully customizable data pages with real time data functions, including Time, Speed, Distance, Heading and Calorie allowing you to be always on top of your workouts. 

Smart Notifications 
Rider 15 receives smart notifications, which includes email, call, and text during workouts after pairing with Bryton Active App via BLE. *Available on iOS and android phones. 

BLE Auto Sensor Display 2.0 
Rider 15 automatically adjusts its data field display when paired BLE sensors are detected. Additionally, when a sensor is running low on battery, its data on the display blinks as a notification reminding you to charge it, keeping you ready for your next workout. 

Customizable Data Display via App 
You can customize your data fields/pages based on your training goals using Bryton Active App via BLE, it's super easy to use!

Auto Backlight 
Based on the longitude and latitude of your location, backlight function will be activated before sunset automatically, allowing you to ride wherever and whenever. 

Know Your Altitude 
With built-in barometer, Rider 15 displays complete altitude data for your current location, allowing you to observe altitude and temperature difference and make adjustment accordingly. Rider 15 makes it easy for you to calibrate altitude. After simple pairing with Bryton Active App, you can simply calibrate altitude on your phone. 

STRAVA, TrainingPeaks and Selfloops 
Auto Sync No software is needed to convert files. Workout files are automatically saved in FIT format, which can be uploaded to popular training sites. We also make it super easy for you to sync your activities from your Bryton Active App to Strava/TrainingPeaks/Selfloops automatically by connecting your accounts. Sync to Bryton Active App Enjoy the seamless over-the-air synchronization with all new Bryton Active App. Your workout data can be synced via BT from the device to Bryton Active App, where you can view progress, graphical analysis and share rides on social media. With simple setup, Bryton Active App’s STRAVA, TrainingPeaks and Selfloops Auto Sync also make it easier for you to share your activities and compare with millions. 

Size: 46.2mm (W) 71mm (H) 16.5mm (D) 
Display: 2 inches Segment Type HTN LCD 
Battery Hour: 16 Hours 
GPS: High-Sensitivity Chipset 
Waterproof: IPX7 
Alerts: Yes 
Log history: 30 hours in one sec mode, 120 hours in smart recording mode. 
Heart rate zones: 7 zones 
Operating Temperature: -10C° ~ 50C° 

Cadence Sensor Smart Cadence Sensor applies Bluetooth technology. It wirelessly transmits your cadence data to cycling computers and smart phones. With no magnets and exposed parts to line up, it is much easier to install.

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