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M2O 3 in 1 Anti-Chafing Cream

M2O 3 in 1 Anti-Chafing Cream


Finally - A real solution for chafing

When you have an active lifestyle, chafing often goes with the territory. At M2O, we realized that there wasn't a product on the market that truly solved this uncomfortable problem. After too many long, sore days in the saddle, we came up with a plan. We formed a unique strategy to end chafing for good.

The Scientific Approach

To come up with the world's most progressive anti-chafing solution, we enlisted the help of a highly experienced scientist who has worked for years treating skin ailments and curing skin conditions.

Once we had an expert on board, we were able to really get our heads around exactly what is needed to stop chafing. We learned that not only does a cream have to activate through all levels of sporting performance, it also has to allow vitamins to enter the skin that simultaneously prevents chafing and work to repair damage.

Further to this, we realized that in order to meet the different physiological requirements of men and women, our chafing solution needed a second formula that was suitable for more sensitive skin.

Prevent, Relieve, Recovery

We quickly learned that a single use product simply doesn't provide a complete solution to chafing. There are many creams on the market that aim to prevent the issue, but they don't address the discomfort or the damage.

Others provide pain relief but don't do anything about the cause of chafing. Even fewer offer the option of a women's specific solution that addresses a higher level of skin sensitivity and treats the different areas where chafing occurs.

The M2O Difference

Through working with a professional skin care researcher, we discovered three important elements to produce the world's most effective chafing solution:

A concentrated solution: The majority of companies water down their products to make them go further and reduce production costs. We prefer to make the best product possible and manufacture it without compromising our goals.

Vital vitamins: With prevention, relief, and recovery in mind, we researched all the important vitamins that would address the three stages of chafing and figured out how to squeeze them all into the one tube.

Some like it hot: Anti Chafing Cream is an endothermic active product. In other words, it responds to body heat and continuously maintains a protective film, no matter if your skin is hot or cold.

The End of Chafing

M2O Anti Chafing Cream is scientifically formulated a high performance, triple action treatment which is concentrated for fast results. It works on multiple levels, alleviating and restoring in micro-layers.

Our chafing cream is different because of:

  • Prevents the friction that irritates your skin
  • Relieve your skin during physical activity
  • Restores problem areas, allowing for recovery after you're done for the day

What's more, by providing both a generic and a women's specific formula, we're able to cater to everyone who loves an active lifestyle.

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